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Abstract Computer Theory Consulting, home of the Cult of the New Age Bull.

No, the reader is not expected to have the slightest clue what this means: explaining this stuff is what we're here for!

About Abstract Computer Theory

Computation without the mechanical limits of a Turing Machine, without the physical limits of an electromechanical computing device, and without the linguistic limitations of λ. (This, and much more New Age Bull!

About the Cult

Following in the footsteps of the 16th Grandmaster Cow, the current holder of the lineage gives oversight to our practice. #MooStyle is beyond description in contemporary human languages: you just have to practise, do it, stop doing it, and then just let the #Moo happen.

About the Cult of the New Age Bull

Stop thinking about it. It is about being, and #Moo, of course: not thinking, nor doing. T-shirt designs are on the way.